Orange, Green, and Blue borders on selected clips?

Can anyone explain the meaning of each color of border that appears around selected clips? I think orange just means that’s the clip that’s chosen to be edited. But there is also green and blue…

What do those mean?


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The clip you’ve selected will have an orange border. Green or red will show when you’re moving an item to let you know if you can drop it in the current location. I think the blue you’re seeing is the blue line that appears at the top to control either the volume or opacity, depending upon what type of file and function you’re working with at the moment.

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Thank you! Allow me to clarify:

So far, the lines haven’t affected a project with my students, but at some point, someone will ask…

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For the clips that are on the timeline we have 3 colors:

  • orange - meaning that clip is the active clip and you can do editing actions to it (like different shortkeys actions - delete, trim, split from the playhead, all the actions on the bar on top of it)
  • blue - meaning you are in a multi clip selection and your action will affect all of them (doing a delete with the delete key, moving all of them at once)
  • green - an intermediate state when doing a multi select

For dragging a clip (either from gallery or the timeline) we have 3 colors as well:

  • green - it means you are allowed to drop
  • red - it means you are not allowed to drop
  • yellow - it means you can drop it there but will have different actions to choose from (replace, trim to fit, insert and push)

Thank you! That is exactly what I was looking for.

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Awesome, happy to help! :smiley: